symmetry in art: graphic
Asawa: Making a square into a curve
Boccioni: Simultaneous vision
Boccioni: Dynamics of a soccer player
Braque: Woman playing a guitar
Dali: Crucifixion
Dali: Last supper
Leonardo: Last supper
Escher: Drawing hands
Magritte: Golconde
Magritte: Interrupted reproduction 
Picasso: Ladies of Avignon
Picasso: The glass
Picasso: Guernica
Piero: Flagellation of Christ
Piero: Ideal city
Rothko: Blue and yellow
Seurat: Sideshow
Seurat: Sideshow (detail)

Vermeer: Woman in blue reading a letter
Warhol: Soup cans
Warhol: Camouflage