Geometry Studio

The Long Beach Project in Geometry and Symmetry will establish both an intellectual and a physical space—a studio/lab—for mathematical pursuits. The geometry studio will be a place where students and faculty can gather to construct, discover, and explore models and structures connected to mathematical ideas and results. A fundamental objective is to encourage students to develop experimental, perceptual and geometric modes of thinking.

The interactions that take place in the studio will promote

In its initial stage, the project’s core will consist of a newly-proposed interdisciplinary undergraduate course, Reflections in Space and Time: Experiments in Symmetry and Imagination.  Other courses will also run in the studio--e.g., College Geometry. The studio will also host a summer workshop for professional development of schoolteachers.

Perceptual thinking

An important element of mathematics is what you write down--definitions, theorems, proofs. However, there are ways of thinking that stem from intuition and visualization or, more generally, imagination and perception. Mathematics is something that we can see and feel as well as something that we read and write. Accordingly, the long-term goals of the Long Beach Project in Geometry and Symmetry are: