Explorations in non-Euclidean geometries

A studio workshop for high-school teachers

9AM-3PM                                18-19 June 2009 (Thursday-Friday)

Directed by Daina Taimina and David Henderson, Cornell University


Hosted by The Long Beach Project in Geometry and Symmetry

Mathematics Department, CSULB


Explore the (non-Euclidean) hyperbolic plane, historically, concretely in nature, and mathematically.
Make hyperbolic surfaces for hands-on exploration.

Compare and contrast the geometry of the hyperbolic plane with the geometries of the sphere and the Euclidean plane.

Discuss how experiences on the sphere and hyperbolic plane can strengthen students' understandings of plane (Euclidean) geometry.
Explore how various geometries came into human life through varied experiences.
Examine possible geometries of our physical universe and how we might tell which it is.


Enrollment limited to fifteen. Preference given to high-school or middle school teacher (in-service or 
pre-service) with an expressed interest in exploratory learning.

Stipends available--$100 per day.