Long Beach Project
Geometry and Symmetry

...mathematics is advanced, in a certain sense, most by those who are distinguished by intuition more than by rigorous proof.”

—Felix Klein, The Development of Mathematics in the Nineteenth Century



Goals Math 103     Mathematical Ideas
          Fall 2008
Workshop for Teachers     1 & 2 July 2010
      Wallpaper Patterns: analysis and exploration
Press Math 303     Reflections in Space and Time
         Spring 2018
Workshop for Teachers     18 & 19 June 2009
      Explorations in Non-Euclidean Geometries

Math 309     Complexity and Emergence
          Fall 2018
Workshop for Teachers     26 & 27 June 2008
      Exploring Geometry

Math 347     Linear Algebra
          Spring 2013

Math 355     College Geometry
          Spring 2018

Math 444     Abstract Algebra
          Fall 2009

Math 451     Differential Geometry
          Spring 2009

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